World’s largest container ship MSC Gulsun arrives at DCT Gdansk

We are honoured to welcome alongside DCT Gdansk the world’s first 24-row wide container vessel, the MSC Gulsun as part of her weekly 2M Silk/AE-10 service call.

During her stay at Gdansk, the MSC Gulsun will exchange around 11,000 containers (18,000 TEU). This is the largest regular container exchange anywhere in Europe.

Since 2013 the world’s largest container vessels have been regularly calling at DCT Gdansk, where our state-of-the-art STS cranes with in-excess of 25 row outreach, deep-water berths and turning circles of up to 670m diameter mean that DCT is more than ready to handle the world’s new class of Megamax-24 vessels, with a capacity of 23,756 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit).

„At DCT Gdansk, we continually invest for the future, so when the future arrives – as it has with this new class of vessel – we’re ready for it. We’d like to thank our customers for using DCT Gdansk as the Gateway to Eastern Europe and to MSC for entrusting us with their new flagship class of vessels, where we aim to provide the highest level of service and dependability.” says CEO of DCT Gdansk, Cameron Thorpe.

Key facts about MSC Gulsun

Total Capacity: 23,756 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit)

Builder: Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea

Flag: Panama

Delivered: July 2019

Speed: capable of 21 knots


Length: 399.9 m

Breadth: 61.5 m

Depth: 33.2 m

Draft: > 16 m



About DCT Gdansk – the Northern Port of Call for the Fastest Growing Region in Europe:


DCT Gdansk container terminal enables Poland to be connected to the world’s largest shipping trade-lane; between Europe and Asia. A vital piece of investment ensuring that Polish goods can trade with Asia more efficiently, reducing cost, providing more competitive delivery times and a lower carbon footprint per container than alternative ports.


DCT does not just serve Poland but is also one of the most efficient ways to serve the Baltic Sea market via transshipment and is also the most cost competitive way to serve the hinterland markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Western Ukraine.


In 2018 DCT Gdansk handled over 1.9m TEU (20-foot equivalent unit), with direct calls by the largest ships afloat. DCT Gdansk is the only terminal in the Baltic Sea capable of handling ships of this size. DCT Gdansk will exceed 2.0m TEU in 2019.


With a track-record of continuous development and expenditure in terminal infrastructure and modern handling equipment, DCT Gdansk is also actively involved in environmental and local community initiatives, recognizing the role of terminals in sustainable socio-economic development.


DCT is a member of the PSA Group with shareholding by the Polish Government investment arm PFR and Australian investment fund IFM.