Sustainability Report
  • Report 2022
    Report 2022

    Take a look at the latest sustainability report, which is a comprehensive analysis of the Baltic Hub's activities in 2022. In the report, you will find detailed information about our place in the maritime economy, our activities and initiatives undertaken for the benefit of the local community and the environment, and the progress we have made in 2022.

  • Report 2021
    Report 2021


  • Report 2020
    Report 2020

    2020 was a challenging year for us due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it proved to be a real test of the resilience of our operations.
    However, DCT took swift actions to implement high sanitary standards at its site to protect our employees and
    customers. As committed community members, we also played our part by offering help to the medical professionals fighting on the pandemic frontlines.

    Cameron Thorpe CEO

  • Report 2019
    Report 2019

    […] But with this improved efficiency comes another critical advantage – a reduced carbon-footprint. Clients using the advantages of DCT Gdansk can rest assured that they are using the most environmentally friendly method of moving goods between this region and the world. […] Through our new shareholders, DCT will continue to invest in the expansion and modernization of our facilities to serve all customers whilst reducing the impact on the environment and enhancing at every step our focus on safety.

    I hope you enjoy reading the report.

    Cameron Thorpe CEO

  • Report 2018
    Report 2018

    I am happy to present our first non-financial corporate social responsibility report. Not only will you find here information about how we operate our business, but also a lot of stories related to our social involvement. The opportunity to share our success with you is a cause to celebrate.

    Enjoy reading the report.

    Cameron Thorpe CEO

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