Busole Grant Competition - II Edition

Non-profit organizations, school and preschools, foundations and sports clubs, which are operating in neighborhoods adjacent to the Baltic Hub – Stogi, Przeróbka and Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie – took part in the II edition of Busole competition.

The competition's jury, consisting of representatives of the Baltic Hub, the Port of Gdańsk and Gdańsk City Hall, awarded seven projects out of 12 applications, to receive a total of 250,000 PLN for projects related to environmental protection, education, local history and prevention of exclusion of specific social groups.

All the applications we received were really interesting, so the choice was not easy. We focused on the projects that, in our opinion, involve the local community the most and respond best to its needs. We took into account factors such as the positive impact of the proposed activities on the lives of the residents – the ultimate beneficiaries of the project – as well as the innovation and originality of the ideas – said Charles Baker, CEO of Baltic Hub.

Winning projects

Project "Fairy Tale World Neighborhood House"

Purpose and description of the project:

The Fairytale World Neighbourhood House operates in Przeróbka in the Kolejarz Housing Estate Club. Apart from DS, Przeróbka has no places where children can spend their free time in a productive way. Since 2022, DS has had two new leisure animators, creative activities for children, workshops for young people and seniors. This project will reach out to a larger group and expand activities on a larger scale. The project aims to develop a neighbourhood house that will be a meeting place for children, young people and adults. The project will include manual workshops such as making bath balls, slime, animal houses and soap making workshops. In addition, there will be cotton bag painting classes and football tournaments for young people. The aim of the project is to provide places where local residents can develop their interests, manual skills and socialise with other residents.


The project will support about 80 people (children aged 5-13 about 30 people , youth about 20 people and seniors about 30 people). These people are residents of Gdańsk from Stogi, Przeróbka and Śródmieście. Children need a space where they can play and develop their skills in interaction with their peers. They mainly expect the neighbourhood house to have a variety of activities available, such as art materials and creative activities. Young people, on the other hand, expect the neighbourhood house to be a place where they can spend time with friends, integrate with their peers and develop their passions and skills. Young people need access to a variety of activities, such as DIY (Do It Yourself) projects or art workshops. Young people also expect the neighbourhood house to be a place where they can talk to adults about different topics and gain knowledge. Seniors need a place where they can meet other people, make new friends and spend time in an enjoyable way. Above all, seniors want their neighbourhood home to provide them with the opportunity to participate in various workshops and activities to develop their interests and skills. For all of them, one of the key factors is to integrate with other people and develop their skills. This project aims to meet the needs of all participants, regardless of their age category. The Neighbourhood House is a place where all residents have the opportunity to meet, talk and spend time in a creative and friendly way, and the project's funding will help to develop its offer.

Project "SENIOR STOGI, or SENIOR Independent Creative Open Hospitable Innovative"

Purpose and description of the project:

The aim of the project is health prevention and the prevention of social exclusion of seniors. The occupational therapy workshop at DPS 'Ostoja' will provide a place friendly to creative work for seniors. Through activities such as music, art, theatre, tailoring and handicrafts, seniors will be able to develop their passions and acquire new skills. This will enable them to gain self-confidence and open up to social contact. We will also invite young people from schools and kindergartens from Stogi, Przeróbka, Krakowec - Górki Zachodni to work together.The organisation of an integration festival open to the local community will allow to encourage the local environment to have intergenerational fun with seniors in an active and creative atmosphere.


The most important beneficiaries of the Project are Seniors. Older people are the social group most often exposed to marginalisation, social exclusion and stigmatisation due to their age, disability, appearance or material status.

Other beneficiaries are school children, the families of senior citizens and the local community - residents of Stogi, Przeróbka, Krakowski - Górki Zachodnie, whom we will invite to take advantage of the activities and workshops created by us in the new occupational therapy workshop and to participate together with senior citizens in the planned festivities. Number of persons - approx. 250

Project "Survival of Nature - the art of survival between industry and man"

Purpose and description of the project:

The area between Westerplatte and the Vistula Bold has many conflicting, seemingly mutually exclusive functions. It is subject to pressure from industry, housing and tourism. Nature is trying to survive. In order to support it, it is necessary to get to know its resources. To this end, the priject will address the issue of describing the existing state as fully as possible and disseminating this knowledge.

The project consists of three parts. A nature inventory in the area from Westerplatte through Stogi, Krakowiec, Górki Zachodnie to the mouth of the Vistula Śmiała. It will cover botanical, zoological, ornithological, mycological and entomological issues. The results will help to familiarise local residents with local nature, help to identify the concept of co-existence between residents, nature and industry, and ways of managing and saving the values for the benefit of all. The published results can be used by schools during e.g. field lessons. The duration of the project excludes observations of breeding species, and it is also planned to obtain the results of earlier surveys from the spring period, which will give a complete picture of nature. The main aim of the project is to make an inventory of the areas and values still existing in the area and to show the possibilities for positive coexistence between nature and urbanised areas, i.e. people and industry.

The result of the project - the basis for the creation of land use concepts, applications to the civic fund.


Inhabitants of Gdańsk districts: Stogi, Przeróbka, Krakowiec - Górki Zachodnie, tourists visiting the area, entrepreneurs operating in the area. Number of final beneficiaries to be supported - 15 thousand permanent residents of the districts + another 20 thousand visitors.

Project "Eco-workshop"

Purpose and description of the project:

The eco-workshop is a place where various environmental activities are planned.

Field activities are planned - observation of fauna and flora in the coastal strip, activities in the outdoor green room and conducting nature, biology classes there. There are plans to observe the indications of a weather station, which would be purchased, and to learn how to make weather maps, read clouds, heights and pressure differences, reinforce activities concerning the segregation of hazardous waste, recycling and simple, everyday segregation-recovery of waste. We would like to awaken in young people the desire to learn about the world around us and the changes taking place in nature. Children and young people will get to know the environment around us - Stogi Island - through actions and field activities. The aim of our project is to develop pro-ecological activities and attitudes among children, young people and local adults. We would like to create a place where pro-ecological knowledge would be spread, so important in today's changing world. Positive and valuable social values would be created.

Such a form of education would include, among others, learning together in a traditional classroom, learning from each other, learning about the surrounding world from field observations, learning through contact with other people - inviting people active in environmental protection, organising thematic events such as Earth Day, Cleaning up the World or Seasonal Weather Forecast.


The beneficiaries of the project are mainly children and young people from the School and Kindergarten Complex No. 3 in Gdansk, as well as their parents, siblings, neighbours, elderly people.

Project “Green Integration"

Project objective and description:

"Green integration" - is a project according to which there is to be a quiet place for learning(green classroom) and leisure activities outdoors in a shaded pavilion ( with a green roof, solar panels, collecting water from the roof into a barrel and using it to water the plants), surrounded by a sensory garden with raised beds( will facilitate access for people with dysfunctions and the elderly).

Plants and other elements of the project are designed to stimulate the senses of touch, smell and taste. This is a continuation of the systematic efforts to transform the space around the school. The newly created space is intended to serve the children of the kindergarten, the school as well as the local community.

Over the last time, a gratosphere has been set up in the garden area to encourage free play and develop imagination by creating something out of nothing and supporting the idea of recycling, a mud kitchen, installations made of willow vittles such as tunnels, mazes and a dome. Project objective: -to create an additional space for learning and relaxation for the children of School and Kindergarten Complex No. 11 and for the inhabitants of Przeróbka,

  • promoting ecology among school pupils and the neighbourhood's residents,

  • developing sensitivity to the natural world among children and their relatives

  • supporting the psycho-physical development of our pupils

  • creating a friendly space accessible to people with dysfunctions


The final beneficiaries of the project are the pupils and preschoolers of ZSP No. 11 : Primary School No. 61 in Gdańsk and Kindergarten No. 20, the local community. In today's digitalised world, we want to enable soothing contact with nature, we believe that a diverse space will positively influence both the cognitive and psychological development of each user.

We want spaces such as the green classroom and sensory garden to be another space for exploring the world. We want our graduates to be sensitive to topics such as environmental protection, ecology and to become responsible citizens of this world. It is important to us that all children, regardless of their dysfunctions, have equal access to the green areas on our school grounds, so the flowerbeds will be elevated so that even children in wheelchairs have easy access to the garden activities.

"Women have power – self-defense and dance"

Purpose and description of the project:

Conducting gender-free classes in self-defence (2 times a week), and belly dancing (2 times a week) for women living in the neighbourhoods of Stogi, Przeróbka, Karkowiec-Górki Zachodnie. The project will boost self-confidence, improve physical as well as mental fitness; innovative activities that are missing in the area. Increased sense of security in women.


Estimated number of beneficiaries is about, 144 women from the above mentioned neighbourhoods

"Sports summer camps for 50 children and young people aged 5-12 from the districts of Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie"

Purpose and description of activities:

During the semi-college, instructor care is provided from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., a second breakfast and lunch buffet, professional coaching and teaching staff with experience.

The half-schools are reported to the Board of Education.

WATER SPORTS: windsurfing, optimist boats, SUP boards, kayaks. Classes run from the ground up. Adapted skill level and age of children. Theoretical lessons and practical workshops using the Vistula Śmiała floodplain. Half-schools are a great way to organise time for children during the summer break from school. The programme will provide funding for 50 children and young people aged 5-12 from the districts of Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec - Górki Zachodnie. Sequence of applications will be decisive. The programme includes a yacht cruise, motorboat trips, playing on a water banana, games and activities on the beach and on the pitch, shanties, tying knots, SUP, rugby and a climbing wall. The aim of the project is to provide children aged 5 to 12 with a summer holiday - organising childcare and educational activities for children with at least 8 hours of availability per day.


Target group: 50 children and young people aged 5-12 from the districts of Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec - Górki Zachodnie.