Logging into the system

VBS is a tool dedicated to drivers, transport companies and forwarders.

VBS allows planning visits to Baltic Hub in order to optimize them for all parties and improve the logistics chain.

Link to the system: https://ebrama.baltichub.com

In order to plan visits to Baltic Hub do not forget to register in VBS system.

To register in the system, click on “Register in the System” tab below.

Make sure you are registered in the VBS. Without registration, you will not be able to use the system and therefore will not be able to pledge a vehicle to pick up or deposit a container!

Download the form in a convenient format:

Please send the completed form to: e-brama@baltichub.com

A table showing the logic behind the system changes


E-mail: e-brama@baltichub.com
Phone: 58 737 79 33
www: https://ebrama.baltichub.com 

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