Changes to ocean vessel arrivals between the 10th and 24th of March

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform that due to the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday in China to control the spread of coronavirus, some businesses were closed longer than usual. As a result, DCT has been advised of changes to ocean vessel arrivals between the 10th and 24th of March, as follows:


a.     Week 11:  Ocean Alliance: OOCL GERMANY (ETA 10/03) – call cancelled

b.     Week 12:


Ocean Alliance:  seasonal blank sailing, advised by OA in December 2019

2M Alliance: MSC SAMAR (ETA 20/03) will be replaced by MARSEILLE MAERSK (ETA 20/03)


c.     Week 13: Ocean Alliance: OOCL SCANDINAVIA (ETA 24/03) – vessel delayed and instead the COSCO SHIPPING AZALEA will call with a reduced number of moves (OOCL SCANDINAVIA will arrive in week 14,  ETA 31/03)


We will provide further advice if there is any impact on feeder vessels or short sea shipping calls.


Additionally, we would like to inform you that:


·         February and March are traditionally periods of increased empty container traffic, therefore we ask the parties concerned to make detailed arrangements with DCT’s operations department in this regard.

·         Deliveries of full containers at the terminal should not take place earlier than 8 days before vessel’s ETA (As per DCT’s Terms of Business).


We thank you for the continued exchange of information between you and the terminal, this helps to improve cooperation between the parties.

Please continue to monitor this site as DCT will provide additional information on an ongoing basis if there are any further service changes.



Update 11.02.2020, 13:00