(EN) 05/EU/2015/CCTV RTG – Purchase and installation of CCTV RTG monitoring system


Provisions of the following documents shall apply to the tender:

  1. Notice of Tender
  2. Terms of Tender
  3. Supplier statement

DCT Gdańsk S.A. informs that all information and updates regarding the tender documentation and relevant proceedings shall be published at DCT Gdansk S.A.’s website following this notice.

———Update No.1 (14/07/2015)

Please note that due to an error in the specification we extend the time for submission of bids in the tender 05 / EU / 2015 / CCTV RTG until 16.07.2015 to 15.00

———Update No.2 (30/07/2015)

Please be informed that the tender 05/EU/2015/CCTV RTG has been invalidated.

At the same time we announce that a new tender will be published shortly with revised technical specification.