(EN) Collective Agreement extended for two years

DCT Gdansk, the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea and one of the most attractive employers in Pomerania, significantly increases salaries for operational and technical employees.

The Management Board of DCT Gdansk has offered employees salary increases, despite the fact that, in line with the binding Collective Agreement, they were not envisaged this year.

The Management Board’s proposal was discussed with the company’s trade union organization, as a result of which not only wages were raised, but also the company’s Collective Agreement and first in the history of Polish containerization, in force at DCT since 2016, was extended for the next two years.

In particular, the changes relate to:

  1. Increasing the monthly basic salary of operational and technical employees by up to PLN 700 in less than one year,
  2. Increasing the incentive bonus for the best employees to the amount of PLN 1000 per month from April 2019,
  3. Introducing a Christmas reward in the amount of PLN 1,000 for all employees,
  4. Maintaining an attractive jubilee and non-remuneration bonus system for all employees.

The introduced changes confirm DCT Gdansk’s recognition of the excellent qualifications of well-prepared staff and strengthen the role of DCT Gdańsk as a responsible leader of the Polish intermodal industry and an active participant in social dialogue.

The Management Board of DCT Gdańsk S.A. thanks the trade union organization for constructive participation in completed talks.