Busole grant competition summary

Two thousand five hundred recipients, seven NGOs, three districts and PLN 250,000 – the numbers with which the Baltic Hub summarizes the first edition of the 2021/2022 ‘Busole’ grant competition.

At the end of 2021 the Baltic Hub announced the first edition of a grant competition called ‘Busole 2021’. The aim was to identify and fund projects most responsive to the social needs of residents. Non-profit organizations, schools, kindergartens, foundations, organizations dealing with broadly defined health care and the promotion of sport operating in the neighbouring districts of Stogi, Przeróbka, Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie could enter the program. 18 projects were submitted to the competition.


“We were very impressed by the projects submitted. For a long time, as an investor firmly rooted locally, we have wanted to implement activities allowing us to co-finance local people’s initiatives. We firmly believe that through such grant competitions, valuable local projects can be created that not only support the local community but also strengthen the tourism and educational potential in our neighbouring districts.” – says Charles Baker, Managing Director of the Baltic Hub.


After some strict jury deliberations, seven winning projects were selected:

  • Association „Przyjazne Pomorze”

The aim of the project “Social self-help on the island of Stogi – we are creating/adding to the material base of the Social Library” was to improve the premises and equipment for the implementation of the Association’s statutory objectives, the purchase of carpeting and curtains in the concert/reading room, which improved the acoustics and appearance and protected the premises from too much sun/overheating, and retrofitting by purchasing: a camera, projector, screen, chairs and shelving for the concert hall.


  • Almanak Adventure Brotherhood

The idea behind the “BUSOLE 2022 Family Orienteering Outdoor Games” project was to activate the residents of the districts of Nowy Port, Stogi and Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie in terms of recreation in green areas by organizing a series of six outdoor orienteering events of a recreational and sporting nature (two in each district).


  • Ostoja Nursing Home

The main objective of the project “RETURN TO THE ROOTS IN A PANDEMIC TREATMENT – health prevention and social rehabilitation for seniors” was to organize a series of lectures, demonstrations, sports activities, meetings, and workshops for seniors in the area of dietetics, mental health, activity, rehabilitation and recreation, open to the local community.


  • Drakkar Rowing Club of Gdańsk

The main aim of the project “Sports activation of young inhabitants of Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec- Górki Zachodnie – SPORT FOR ALL CHILDREN” was to activate children and young people from the neighbouring districts in sports. To show that sport, especially at a young age, is essential for proper physical and mental development.


  • Primary School no. 61

The main aim of the “Direction – Backyard 61” project was to create additional space for free play for pupils of Primary School No. 61 and the youngest residents of Przeróbka, to promote a healthy lifestyle among the school’s youngest pupils and the parents of the district’s youngest residents, to develop children’s creativity and to support the psycho-physical development of the youngest pupils.


  • Art Therapy Association

During the project “Active in Our Neighbourhood with DCT “, beneficiaries were introduced to the macramé technique by making ornaments and everyday objects. The children made their glycerin soaps and an ecological advent calendar. The children were also introduced to a new form of exercise, Animal Flow, and for adults, meetings were held to learn techniques for combating stress.


  • School and kindergarten complex no. 3

The aim of the ‘Sewroom’ project, a school sewing room, was to develop the activities of children, young people and local adults by creating and improving the conditions for active intergenerational integration and harnessing, managing the potentials and resources inherent in the diversity of generations through intergenerational education.


A total of more than two and a half thousand beneficiaries altogether had the chance to take part in projects implemented as part of the ‘Busole 2021’ competition. The grant competition will also continue this year. NGOs will have a chance to obtain financial support from the Baltic Hub for all kinds of projects activating the local community and responding to their needs, e.g. related to the environment, education.