Baltic Hub has funded the “Neighbourhood Hub of Creativity” project

Baltic Hub donated funds to the Community Library of the “Przyjazne Pomorze” Association to provide summer activities for children and teenagers from the Stogi district.

The activities, which took place in the community centre affiliated with the library, included a variety of artistic, musical and sports classes. Thanks to the support of Baltic Hub, children and teenagers from the surrounding neighbourhoods were able to participate in the activities free of charge.

The fact that the Baltic Hub allowed us to be here, sponsored two months of our work, is something fantastic. We are delighted that companies like Baltic Hub are coming forward to invest in such a great initiative. Their help is invaluableemphasizes one of the day centre’s caretakers.

The Community Library of the “Przyjazne Pomorze” Association, located on Hoża Street in Gdańsk, in the Stogi district, has been playing the role of an active community centre for years. As well as providing access to its extensive book collection, it offers a variety of classes to develop imagination, creativity, artistic and sports skills, integrating the local community including children, young people, seniors and parents. The library was established on the initiative of Jan Urbaniak, who was passionate about collecting books and decided to share them witch the local community.

Mr Jan is an amazing person. He has a unique gift of talking to children. He listens to their needs, understands problems and helps to solve them. He surrounds them with fatherly care, which is why they are happy to return to the community centre adds the caretaker.

Baltic Hub is a long-standing patron of the Community Library in Stogi. Through its financial support, the company has contributed to the renovation of the library space and the community centre. Moreover, the Community Library’s project was awarded during the first edition of the “Busole” grant competition organised by Baltic Hub.

Community centres are needed in our environment. They have a positive impact on the development of children’s personalities, their academic progress and the formation of social relationships based on mutual help, cooperation and solidarity. We hope to see more and more initiatives like this in our regionsays Charles Baker, CEO of the Baltic Hub.

The Baltic Hub, through its support for the “Neighbourhood Hub of Creativity” project, underlines its commitment to local community development and the promotion of education and culture. The company is regularly involved in social and charitable initiatives, working for the benefit of local residents.